Welcome to our TConline Reseller Center - a place where resellers can stay informed on the statuses of merchant orders and view real time reports.


* View real time order tracking reports

* Look up merchant information

* Quickly find the status of all merchant orders and shipping information

* Easily detect pended applications

* Create customizable reports

TenderCard News


New card colors and designs!


We have added our new 1-color predesign card colors and templates and NEW 4-color predesigned card designs to our website, www.tendercard.net. We have new Holiday designs in both 1-color and 4-color predesigns. Now is the time to encourage your merchants to reorder cards to beat the Holiday rush!


TC Training


Whether you are a seasoned veteran or an industry rookie, TenderCard offers training for every level.  We offer Webinars for your salespeople for Product and Sales training.  Remember - If you are not offering your merchant giftcard the next guy will!  Call today to set up training.